Amazing First Time Sex Experience

The first sexual encounter is very vital in shaping one’s opinion about sex. People who are exposed to watching pornography but are yet to have physical sex are especially more delicate. They already have a clear perception of sex which must be matched by the real thing. The person orienting them to sex should, therefore, be able to understand their high expectations and deliver the same for them to create a meaningful experience. Any London escort is professionally trained to handle this kind of clients requiring orientation. Our escorts are ready to help you discover the mysteries of sex without you having to feel naïve, shy or confused. Once you get into the room where you will lose your virginity, the escort helps you undress telling you nice words to encourage you about the new experience you are just about to have.

A person who has never had sex may be shy undressing in front of a woman and this can affect the quality of sex or at worse, change their mind about having sex. Once you are both naked, the escort starts caressing you from the most basic body parts such as fingers to the more responsive parts such as behind the neck. Her gradual caresses inspire confidence in you urging her to delve even deeper. Her hand massages are combined with light kisses on your most sensitive parts which make you feel their intensity on your manhood. She notices that your desire is steadily rising and puts your arms around her beautiful hips as she grasps your buttocks tightly pulling you towards her warm belly. Soon, your hands grope her by the buttocks and you cannot resist sucking her protruding nipples in front of your face. You are now scrubbing your erect penis on her thighs with the intensity of your breath rapidly increasing.

You know it is time to get laid and both of you ease yourselves on the bed. She gets hold of your dick for the first time which feels funny and leads it inside her wet vagina sliding so smooth. The sensation becomes heightened with every inch deep inside her making you push deeper and deeper. Your penis is now fully immersed in her to its base. You start it all over by making in and out thrusts which make you feel so nice. Your pace increases making you achieve an even hard erection until you can no longer hold and have to ejaculate soon. The escort takes note of this and joins you in moaning after climaxing. You lay beside each other feeling so nice and cannot wait to achieve another erection for a second round.

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